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GIC News

GIC’s Kick-off Meeting 2014

Monday, 01/27/2014 08:49
On 20/12/2013, Global Insurance Company (GIC) held the Kick-off Meeting 2014 at New Epoch Hotel, HCMC. In the meeting, there were 70 managers from GIC’s Headquarters and 17 Branches operating throughout Vietnam.

Unlike the annual Closing Conferences, the Kick-off Meeting 2014 aimed at defining business objectives and plans for 2014 as well as specific solutions for achieving these targets. Mr. Phan Hoang Chung Thuy - CEO - shared GIC’s Restructuring project and Five strategic initiatives in this year briefly. The Company also announced some upcoming changes in technical management to improve some areas and service quality as well.

In addition to business objectives for 2014, GIC also declared the implementation of many changes in expense budgets for the purpose of assisting branches in their underwriting activities and enhancing their competitiveness in the local market.During their discussion after the Meeting, most branch managers were very encouraged thanks to the new business directions and practical orientations taken by the Company that make the “fire of business passion” in branches burn more vividly in the new year.

Furthermore,GIC rewarded individuals with iPad 4 32G & 4G for their excellent performance in accordance with the Incentive Program of Motor line in the last 6 months of 2013. The program was held to incentivize and motivate our Underwriters and it brought in positive effects as well as encouraging results.

Some activities in the Meeting:

Mr. Ho Nam Thang - Chairman

Excellent individuals were rewarded with iPad 4 for their brilliant performance under the Incentive Program for the last 6 months of 2013.

The additional purchase of shares in March 2013 and stake increase from 25% to 35% in July 2013 buy ERGO - GIC’s strategic shareholder - indicated their determination to invest in GICin the long term. For both the present and the time to come, ERGO will continue to support GIC for enhancing our service quality and competitiveness as well as producing improvements in business management and market development.
Still being forecast to be a challenging year to non-life insurers in general and GIC in particular, yet it is believed that the year 2014 will be the signal for GIC’s movements owing to our breakthrough changes, proper business strategies and development directions.

GIC News