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GIC News

Kick - off GIC 2015

Monday, 05/18/2015 10:45

On 07/01/2015, Global Insurance Corporation (GIC) initiated GIC’s business plan via GIC Kick-off Meeting 2015. The meeting welcomed the participant of Management members from Head Office’s Divisions and Departments, Corporation’s Subsidiaries as well as outstanding individual with noticeable business performance of GIC’s sales offices nationwide.

GIC Kick-off commenced with the presentation on Business plan which GIC committed to put all effort to achieve in 2015. Mr. Phan Hoang Chung Thuy – CEO also informed that GIC would introduce the bonus program in reflection to the business performance which has been registered and achieved by Subsidiaries. This program is to appreciate effort made by subsidiaries, encourage them for further development so as to help the whole Corporation gain higher position in insurance market.
Aiming at consolidating the organizational structure and supporting Subsidiaries to fulfill the plan as well as to optimize GIC’s premium potential in Vietnam non-life market, the Corporation has implemented the restructuring, which was based on realized findings over times. In 2015, in order to widen the retail market, accompanied with client’s awareness toward GIC, Marketing Division will take responsibility on positioning GIC brand, reinforcing our core values and promoting the revenue. Marketing activities, planned to be conducted in separate campaign, will be closely monitored and advised to obtain highest effectiveness, introducing GIC brand to widely recognized Vietnamese clients.

GIC Kick-off Meeting gave a space for discussion between Head Office’s Management members and Representatives from Subsidiaries. During the discussion, they have more time to contribute their opinions, untie difficulties to strengthen GIC’s managerial and organizational model. Directors of Technical Divisions introduced improvements to fully support Subsidiaries, promote comprehensive growth and accomplish business target for 2015.

The meeting came to an end with awarding session for individuals and units who successfully achieved the plan in 2014. GIC expected that in the light of this encouragement, all Subsidiaries and Sales Offices in particular, and GIC’s staff in general can try harder, foster GIC with higher and further development, which is on both revenue and quality, and thus place GIC as a strong, reliable brand in Vietnam non-life market.

Some activities in the Meeting

Mr Ho Nam Thang - Chairman

Mr Phan Hoang Chung Thuy - CEO