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Market News

Property firms help VN markets rise (06/02/2016 14:21)

The property sector took its turn to lead markets up after the central bank proposed the Government extend refinancing for credit contracts signed before March between commercial banks and customers to buy, rent or repair houses till the end of this year. (view more)

Profit-taking sends markets down (06/02/2016 14:17)

Among the brokerage firms, VNDirect Securities Corp (VND) and Bao Viet Securities Corp (BVS) lost 0.8 per cent each, HCM City Securities Corp (HCM) fell 0.6 per cent and BIDV Securities Corp (BSI) was down 1.1 per cent.
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VN stocks may rise on Obama visit (05/23/2016 16:38)

This is the only good news that can improve investor confidence, as it stresses a good relationship between the two countries and brings more opportunities for both economies, such as the finalisation of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)," said Le Nguyet Anh, Asia Commercial Bank Securities Corp's Head of Market Analysis.
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Vietnamese shares rise on govt's strong message (05/19/2016 11:05)

Vietnamese shares closed higher in today's morning session following the Vietnamese government's strong message on improving the business climate.
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Mekong Capital fund to invest US$112 million (05/19/2016 11:02)

Mekong Capital's fourth fund Mekong Enterprise Fund III Limited Partnership (MEF III) plans to invest US$112 million in Viet Nam. (view more)