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Market News

VN shares retreat from recent rallies (05/19/2016 10:58)

Vietnamese shares dropped on both local markets yesterday as investors took profits from blue chip gains and energy stocks fell on bumping oil prices.
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HNX divides stocks by classification principles on Upcom (05/13/2016 10:36)

The northern bourse regulated that firms with stocks listed in the Upcom Premium set must have charter capital of at least VND120 billion (US$5.3 million), be profitable in 2015 and have no accumulated losses, or they must have the minimum chartered capital of VND30 billion, with a return after tax on equity of at least 5 per cent in 2015 and no accumulated losses. (view more)

VN stocks post mixed results (05/13/2016 10:32)

Binh Minh Plastic JSC (BMP) was down 0.7 per cent after rising 1.4 per cent in the previous three days, Song Da Urban and Industrial Zone Investment and Development JSC (SJS) fell 1.3 per cent after increasing 4.1 per cent, and transportation firm Gemadept Corp (GMD) decreased by 0.2 per cent after jumping 3.4 per cent. (view more)

Banks continue to boost local markets (05/06/2016 16:19)

The benchmark VN Index on the HCM Stock Exchange (HOSE) gained 1 per cent to close at 607.63 points and the HNX Index on the Ha Noi Stock Exchange inched up 0.1 per cent to end at 80.44 points. (view more)

Markets rebound from Monday fall (04/27/2016 11:03)

Vietnamese shares rebounded on both local markets from Monday falls as high investor confidence boosted large-cap stocks in the insurance and property sectors. (view more)