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Market News

Shares worth $130m auctioned in Q1: HOSE (04/12/2016 15:06)

The top five securities companies in terms of market share in Q1 were Saigon Securities Inc (SSI), with 13.96 per cent; Ho Chi Minh Securities Joint Stock Company (HSC), with 13.67 per cent; Ban Viet Securities (VCSC), with 10.18 per cent; VN Direct Securities (VNDS), with 5.41 per cent; and MB Securities (MBS), with 5.23 per cent. (view more)

VN stocks expected to extend week's gains (04/11/2016 15:22)

Investor confidence may be bolstered with a stable foreign exchange rate between the Vietnamese dong and the US dollar, which has been on a declining trend since the beginning of the year, Bao Viet Securities Corporation (BVSC) wrote in a report.
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Kim Long Securities plans business shutdown (04/11/2016 15:15)

Kim Long Securities Corp (KLS) will propose shareholders shut down the company's business, the company has recently announced. (view more)

BIDV Securities aiming for higher capital in 2016 (04/06/2016 14:12)

The BIDV Securities Company (BSC) will ask shareholders for approval to increase capital at the company's annual shareholder meeting, which will be held on April 23.
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Vietnamese stocks on rebound (04/06/2016 14:09)

Investor confidence in fairy firm Vinamilk rose after the company announced it will sell seven of its businesses, including a real-estate brokerage, in order to raise foreign capital for the company. At the end of yesterday's trading session, Vinamilk (VNM) gained 2.2 per cent in value.
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