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Market News

Property firms, steel producers boost markets (03/28/2016 15:42)

Another property developer, NBB Investment Corporation (NBB) increased by 1.1 per cent after the HCM City Infrastructure Investment JSC (CII) agreed to reduce its stake in the NBB to 20 per cent from 24 per cent.
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Food and beverage stocks lift markets (03/25/2016 13:53)

The food and beverage sector was lifted by Masan Group (MSN), which added 2.1 per cent after its member company Anco bought a 14 per cent stake in the Vietnam Meat Industries Limited Company (VISSAN) this morning. (view more)

VN stocks end mixed, auto stocks advance (03/23/2016 16:04)

The automobile industry made good gains this morning. Hoang Huy Investment Services JSC (HHS) added one per cent, Truong Long Auto and Technology JSC (HTL) jumped 4.6 per cent, and Sai Gon General Service Corporation (SVC) advanced 4.2 per cent. (view more)

VN stocks rise, boosted by mining and auto sectors (03/23/2016 15:50)

Automobile stocks continued their rally on the stock markets. Among these stocks, Truong Long Auto and Technology JSC (HTL) surged 6.7 per cent, Sai Gon General Service Corporation (SVC) rose 2.7 per cent, and TMT Automobile JSC (TMT) jumped 6.8 per cent.
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Market sees large IPOs, food industry fares well (03/14/2016 14:44)

In particular, the shares of well-known companies with good growth potential, such as the Viet Nam Meat Industries Limited Company (Vissan) and Cholimex in the food industry, attracted many investors on the HCM Stock Exchange (HoSE) (view more)